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M Retro E Rickshaw, Speed : 40 Km/hr, Mileage : 100 - 130 Km - MAUTO

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ModelM Retro
Mileage100 - 130 Km
Maximum Speed40 Km/hr

Technical Specificaion of MAUTO M Retro

ModelM Retro
Seating Capacity3 Passenger + 1 Driver
Motor Power2200 W
Battery TypeLiFePO4
Battery Capacity110 Ah
Battery Voltage60 V
Charger15Amp, 230V AC
Charging Time4.5 Hrs
About Product

Electric Auto is purely designed for passenger transportation. It can be used for private and public use. 3+1 Passengers shall be accommodated comfortably. An electric vehicle is type of alternative fuel vehicle that utilizes Electric motor and motor controllers instead of Internal combustion engine. This saves not only money also the better environment.

The main features of MAUTO M-Retro are given below

  • Kerb Weight : 305 Kgs


  • Turn off the Vehicle “when not in Use”
  • Gradual Acceleration to be done while starting
  • Please monitor the Drive Mode while Start
  • Always park the vehicle in “N” Mode
  • Keep away from children while vehicle is “ON”
  • Charge the vehicle through Charging Port only
  • Use proper 3 PIN 15A socket for charging
  • Turn off the DP Switch while charging
  • Check the Tyre pressure before starting the vehicle
  • Do wipe wash the vehicle
  • Don't

    • Do not throttle/drive while braking
    • Do not damage any cables
    • Do not remove battery connectors
    • Do not Push/Pull the battery
    • Do not show/heat around the battery
    • Do not loosen body bolts
    • Do not pull any extra line from the wiring grid
    • Do not Weld or alter the vehicle (Internal and external for any purpose)
    • Do not try to open or break the battery Seal
    • Do not park the vehicle more than 1Ft of water level
    • Do not load any appliances beyond DC 12V, 15A