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Koods 48V 30Ah

Koods 48V 30Ah Lithium Ion Battery

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Model48V 30Ah

Technical Specificaion of Koods 48V 30Ah

Model48V 30Ah
Variant Name48V 24Ah
Weight14 kg
L*W*H30 * 25 * 35 (mm)
About Product

The main features of Koods 48V 30Ah E Battery are given below

  • Weight : 14 kg
  • Less Degradation & Long Life : LiFePO4 has a long life cycle as compared to other batteries and has 1,000-10,000 cycles. Lithium iron phosphate has an excellent discharge rate and has less degradation at high temperatures. Because of their extended life features, you can use these batteries for various applications. A standard qualified LiFePO4 battery remains 80% DOD till 2000 cycles of discharging and charging.
  • No Harm to the Environment : Lithium iron phosphate batteries are eco-friendly and do not contain harmful metals. They are non-contaminating and non-toxic and are less costly than other lithium-ion and Lithium polymer batteries.
  • Compact Size & Lightweigh : Lithium iron phosphate batteries have a compact size and high power density. They are lightweight and have no memory effect. Lithium iron phosphate batteries don’t require priming, and less maintenance is required for their care. They are gaining fame due to their small size, lightweight, stability at high temperatures and low cost.
  • High Safety & Efficiency : No downtime and fast charging make lithium iron phosphate more efficient and safe to use. These batteries can deliver a high discharge pulse rate in a short time and have constant discharge voltage. The chemical and thermal stability make lithium iron phosphate batteries more reliable and safe.
  • Withstand Extreme Weather Condition & Temperature : These batteries can withstand extreme weather conditions and temperature, and the battery remains cool at high temperatures. They don’t have thermal runaways and don’t explode when they overheat or overcharge.
  • Good Storage & Suitable for Various Applications : Lithium iron phosphate batteries use for various applications such as electronic machines, military, medical applications, and electric motors. For a cheap battery alternative, these batteries can be a good choice. Safe iron phosphate chemistry and no recycling procedure make these batteries cheaper than LiPo and Li-ion batteries.
  • Active Balancing :
  • Self cut off : Koods batteries are design with superior BMS that cut off the battery in case of any internal issues or short circuit which protects the battery from damage
  • High Mileage : Koods is designed in a way to provide high mileage with self balancing technology.
  • MAX Discharge Current : Maximum Discharge current rate is 3C where as Lead acid battery is 0.5C.
  • Heat Resistance : The LiFePO4 batteries are the safest type of Lithium batteries as they will not overheat, and even if punctured they will not catch on fire.