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Indo Wagen Indo Wagen Q8 Plus

Indo Wagen Q8 Plus E Rickshaw, Seating Capacity : 5 Person

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BrandIndo Wagen
ModelIndo Wagen Q8 Plus
Mileage80 - 100 Km
Maximum Speed25 Km/hr

Technical Specificaion of Indo Wagen Indo Wagen Q8 Plus

BrandIndo Wagen
ModelIndo Wagen Q8 Plus
Seating Capacity5 Person
Load Capacity380 Kg
Motor Power 900 - 1000 W
Motor Voltage48 V
Battery Voltage12 V * 4 Nos
ChargerAxiom 15 AMP, Input Voltage : 220 V, Output Voltage : 48 V
Charging Time6 - 8 Hrs
Brake (Front & Rear)Drum Brakes
Wheel Size (Front & Rear)90*90-12
Front Sock AbsorberFront Hydraulic shocker with Helical Suspension
Chassis TypeStrong chassis
About Product

The main features of INDO WAGEN Q8+ Passenger E Rickshaw are given below

  • A set of the storage battery : 48 V
  • A single storage Battery : 12V
  • Battery Quantity : 4 units
  • Powerful headlight
  • High-quality horn
  • Durable windshields
  • Functional wiper
  • Powerful indicators
  • Strong chassis
  • Strong Luggage Carrier
  • Remote Centre Lock
  • Provision for a music system

Social Benefits :

  • Contribute to the creation of the country‚Äôs pollution free atmosphere.
  • Contributes to the creation of a noise free environment.
  • Promotion of the use of alternatives to fossil fuel.
  • Large number of passenger carrying capacity.

Economical Benefits:

  • Low Capital Investment.
  • High Revenue due to increase in the number of passengers.
  • High ROI (RETURN OF INVESTMENT) than Auto Rickshaw and Rickshaw.
  • Low Maintenance Cost