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Eride Garbage Collection Truck

Eride Garbage Collection Truck, Motor Power: 900 W

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ModelGarbage Collection Truck
Maximum Speed25 Km/hr

Technical Specificaion of Eride Garbage Collection Truck

ModelGarbage Collection Truck
Motor Power900 W
Motor Voltage48 V
Controller24 Tubes / 48 V - 50 Amp
Charger15 Amp SMPS charger
No of Wheel3
Front Sock Absorber43 mm Heavy Duty Hydraulic pressure with Spring
Rear Sock Absorber43 mm Heavy Duty Hydraulic pressure with Spring
L*W*H3000 * 1300 * 19000 (mm)
Roof TypeABS
Deck Size1400 * 1000 * 450
Chassis TypeAnti - Rust (7 Tank Phosphating Process) TATA steel Double bounded
About Product

These Garbage Collection Trucks can conveniently enter small lanes in every corner of the street and collect garbage. They have been tested and permitted to ply on roads with a capacity of 600Kgs. The cost of running these vehicles would be less than 40 Paisa per km making them cost-efficient.

Eride Garbage collection vehicles are customized with dry and and wet partition with option of hydraulic

The main features of Eride Garbage Colllection Truck are given below

  • Differential : 36' wide with hydraulic brake system
  • Front Axle : 15 mm Heavy Axle
  • Front Glass : Toughen Full covered Heavy Front Glass
  • Paint : Double coated TPA powder coting
  • Center Lock : with anti thef protection
  • Leg Guard : Heavy Duty and Attractive Leg Guard For driven Protection
  • Curtain : Black / Yelloe colour Heavy duty curtain
  • Cart Size : 1400 * 1000 * 450
  • Hydraulic Jack : NA