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EDMRC Battery Operated E Rickshaw Loader

EDMRC Battery Operated E Rickshaw Loader, Price : ₹150,000, Loading Capacity : 500 Kg

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ModelBattery Operated E Rickshaw Loader
Mileage80 - 100 Km /Charge
Maximum Speed25 Km/hr

Technical Specificaion of EDMRC Battery Operated E Rickshaw Loader

ModelBattery Operated E Rickshaw Loader
Load Capacity500 Kg
Gradeability<=20 Degree
Battery Capacity100 - 135 Amp
Battery Voltage48 V
Charging Time6 - 8 Hrs
Brake (Front & Rear)130 mm dia drum brake
Wheel Size (Front & Rear)3.75-12
Front Sock AbsorberFork Type Twin Suspension, Telescopic (For Delux)
About Product

We are the leading Manufacturer for the Battery Operated E Rickshaw Loader.

The main features of EDMRC Battery Operated E Rickshaw Loader are given below

  • Batteries : 4 PCS
  • Driver Cabin : Closed body with front panel and canopy

About Company

EDMRC Mannschaft Limited Liability Partnership


EDMRC Group acronym for Engineering Design Manufacturing and Research Center is the vision of group of skilled researchers and developers who focus on betterment of the society. Functioning on the vision of building the eco-friendly and high-quality battery operated vehicle.

We believe in making the most out of the latest technology in designing best e-rickshaws without harming the environment. With the team having great interest and experience in the field of designing and manufacturing of projects like hybrid bikes and off-road vehicles, now has managed to introduce the range of two battery operated vehicles i.e. Yuva E-Rickshaws and Meghdoot E-Loader.

Company Contact No and Address

Company NameEDMRC Mannschaft Limited Liability Partnership
AddressMahadev Nagar Pool, Hingne Khurd, Sinhagad Road, Pune- 411051, Maharashtra, India
Contact No8975619604


Well! This is one of the excellent question that every buyer should ask before signing up a deal with an e-rickshaw manufacturers like EMDRC. However, there are many reasons that will help you put your faith in our products. These reasons include -

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  • We also provide impeccable after sale services.
  • The special training sessions designed for the assembly also makes up a brilliant choice.
  • All the parts we have used are manufactured in India making our product more feasible choice as spare parts will be easily available.
  • Dedicated team of skilled Researchers and developers in our R&D department are continuously working on improving the products even to the extent possible.


Our company’s vision stands to outbalance the current monopoly of the e-rickshaw manufacturers. Our R&D department has managed to bring an eco-friendly potential to our products “ E-passengers and E-loader”. We focused on doing so in an E.A.S.E (Economic, Aesthetic, Safe, strong and Eco-friendly) manner.


To And For Customers

Earning customers is a difficult task, especially when there are many people out there who are competing with you. What makes us special is that we aim on providing the best innovative and quality product. Our team not only stays with their customers until the sale, but also provide efficient after-sale service, building huge trust between customers and company.

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When it comes to business growth, society plays an important part. For any business to flourish, one needs to focus on the interest and welfare of the society. This is what we have encircled our company’s goals around. Having the team of best Researchers on board, we continuously move towards finding the progressive means to improve the society. We heard somewhere that “Giving is the highest expression of Potency”, and that is what we have managed to attain through the exclusive range of YUVA e-rickshaws.


Our services stand out in the market and we fight vigorously to becoming the first choice of the customers. Our products are not only eco-friendly, but are high quality. We have aim of committing ourselves in becoming the brand that everyone will trust on and talk about. Reliability and trust are the notions that we function on.

To The Distributors And Channel Partners

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