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E Kranti E Kranti Loader

E Kranti Loader Rickshaw - Deep Drawn Technology

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BrandE Kranti
ModelE Kranti Loader

Technical Specificaion of E Kranti E Kranti Loader

BrandE Kranti
ModelE Kranti Loader
About Product

The main features of E-Kranti Loader are given below

  • Impressive Durability : This is one of the most obvious aspects for which buyers these days prefer it over other types of rickshaws. Electric rickshaw in India has been increasing in numbers, especially in the interior parts of the city and outskirts. Before you purchase an e-rickshaw, you must hunt for the trustworthy manufacturers as they will propose you with the premium quality e-rickshaw before you invest in it.
  • Less Maintenance Needed : A battery operated rickshaw doesn't need heavy maintenance and it emerges as more robust compared to the traditional rickshaws. You can get the essential spare parts of these rickshaws anytime and from just anywhere.
  • Low Running Cost : An e-rickshaw is an environmental-friendly vehicle. It does run on a battery and it doesn't make use of other kinds of fuel, such as petrol and diesel; hence, no hazardous gases are released into the air. It doesnt even emit smoke at the time of its functioning. So, you can use it safely as it is 100 percent environment-friendly.
  • Excellent Turning Radius : The turning radius of a three wheeler electric rickshaw tends to be greater in comparison to the contemporary rickshaws. So, you can easily use it even when the place is congested and busy. A 4 seater three wheeler E rickshaw does ply on the narrower roads too and it is preferred over a manual rickshaw.
  • Generates High Income But at Lesser Expenditure : An e-rickshaw generates a considerable income and that too at low operational expenses and so, many middle-class people think of buying one for improving their family income levels.
  • Recycling : People can recycle this vehicle after some intervals and so, they look for a new electric rickshaw for sale.