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Big Bull E Loader

Big Bull E Loader Rickshaw, Motor Power : 1000 W

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BrandBig Bull
ModelE Loader

Technical Specificaion of Big Bull E Loader

BrandBig Bull
ModelE Loader
Motor Power1000 W
Controller24 Tube
About Product

Whether it is in terms of public passenger transport or whether it be in the local goods transport the e-rickshaws will certainly rule the present and the future. However in order to make the most of the many opportunities available you need the best quality battery rickshaws. It is in line with this that the Big Bull Loader E-Rickshaw has been designed. It has a robust design making it very durable and also a large carrying capacity to ensure that goods are transported with ease at low costs..

The main features of Bigbull E - Loader are given below

  • Strong and Durable Body :In order to carry heavy loads without any damage, the Big Bull Loader Electric Rickshaw has been provided with a rather strong and sturdy body. This makes it very durable that means that you require minimum repair and maintenance costs and thus high profits.
  • High Loading Capacity :It is essential that any carrying vehicle has a high capacity and this is what the Big Bull Loader E-Rickshaw exactly has. It has a high loading capacity so that large volumes of goods can be carried at once.
  • Powerful Motor :The Big Bull Loader E-Rickshaw has a very powerful electric motor so that even the heaviest loads can be easily be carried over even over long distances. It has a 1000 Watt Motor.
  • High-quality BIS approved tyres :The Big Bull Loader has the best quality BIS Approved tyres to ensure that heavy loads are carried damage free.
  • Good Mileage :This Loader Electric Rickshaw offers high mileage that means that loads can be carried over long distances at the most economical costs. As a result, you can have a highly profitable and more sustainable e-rickshaw business. This is a great advantage for sure.
  • USB Port
  • Good Mileage
  • Eco Friendly