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E Loader - Commercial Electric Rickshaw Loader

Loader Electric Rickshaw

About E Rickshaw Loader, Electric Rickshaw Loader?

E Rickshaw Loader are the battery operated cargo rickshaw which can be used to carry various kinds of loading activity. It can be in various purpose like Flat Bed Loader, LPG Gas Cylinder Loader, Water Bottel Loader, Animal Loader.

What is Load Capacity of E Rickshaw Loader?

It depend the Motor Power of Loader Rickshaw. If Motor is high Power then it can carry high load.

What is Charging the Time of E Rickshaw Loader?

It depend on the battery type. Lithium Ion powered E Rickshaw Loader charging time is around 3 hours where as Lead Acid powered E Rickshaw Loader charging time is 7 to 8 hour.

Which is the best battery for e rickshaw?

Currently most E Rickshaw Loader are running on Lead Acid battery. But it has a various disadvantages like shorter life, lower mileage, long charging time of 8 hour and excess weight around 120 Kg. While Lithium Ion Battery can be charged only in 3 hour and it weight is very less around 35 Kg.