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Electric Cycle Question

About Electric Cycle, E Cycle, Battery Operated Cycle?

Petrol prices have spoiled the budget of the people. Especially those people who have to travel 40 to 50 kilometers due to daily office, now they have to spend 1000 to 1200 rupees extra out of pocket. In total, about 100 petrol is being spent every day. For this reason, many people are now buying electric scooters or electric bikes. At the same time, many people are buying even electric cycles.

What are the benefits of electric cycle?

There are many benefits to buying an electric bicycle.

  • It has the lowest maintenance.
  • Its cost is also very less.
  • Electric cycle battery gets fully charged in 1 to 2 units.
  • It can go upto 30 Kilometer which will cost around 14 Rupees
  • if you run on both pedal and electric mode, then they can travel more than 40 kilometers.